Why you should Add a Sutton Team Realty Sales Represenative to your Contact List!

Having a Realtor in your contact list is always a good idea! 

But let us tell you why having a Sutton Team Realty Realtor is the best!  

  1. They love answering your questions about real estate!
  2. It’s like having a personalized real estate computer at the tips of your fingers!
  3. They’re open 24/7!
  4. You can have specific questions answered knowing you’re getting the correct and up to date answers. 
  5. You don’t have to wade through hundreds of google web pages to find half truths and myths the people who post them think are true!
  6. You can get human contact, no pop up bot messages on websites! 
  7. You know you are talking to someone with experience in YOUR local area! Not someone who deals with areas all over the country! 
  8. You get Personalized Home Lists! This means you won’t be getting 20 generic emails a day about homes not in your price range OR area! ( believe us this happens)
  9. Friendly and Personable! (unlike a chat run by a bot)

Does this sound helpful? We already know it does! Contact us at the Sutton Team Realty office by calling  519-756-8811 and we’ll set you up with one of our amazing Sales Reps!

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