Where is the best place to learn about homes for sale in Brantford or St. George?

Where is the best place to learn about homes for sale in Brantford or St. George?

When you begin a home search you a wide variety of places to look. In print there are newspapers and homes magazines. On line there are dozens of websites, all claiming to have the best information. Some even offer to tell you if a home is priced correctly.

Unfortunately, most of those websites don’t offer accurate information about homes for sale here in Brantford or St. George or anywhere else.

Why? Because they aren’t kept up to date.

When homes are sold, the listings often stay on line. When they’re listed again a few years later, searchers find the same house offered at two different prices. I’ve seen some that were listed three times, all at different prices.

It’s pretty frustrating for buyers to think they’ve located their dream house, only to learn that the home was sold long ago.

Avoid that frustration and search only on sites that offer up-to-date information.

What websites ARE up to date?

Those that are populated with current information from the local Multiple Listing Service. This might be the MLS website or a local agent website with IDX (Internet Data Exchange).

(Note to agent: If you have your own website with IDX, add: Visit my website at (address) for the most up to date information about every home, parcel of land, or commercial property listed with a REALTOR® in (city). If you don’t have your own site, substitute your brokerage or MLS site, with an appropriate description.)

Multiple Listing Services operate under strict rules that require agents to enter complete, detailed information about each listing and to update their listings when there is a price change. We must also enter appropriate, accurate information when a listing is sold. When a listing expires off the market or is withdrawn, it is removed from public view.

This accurate information is what agents use when preparing a market analysis for listing clients.

As for real estate websites telling you the true value of a property that is listed – pay no attention. Computer programs operate on the basic facts, such as age, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and baths. They don’t know and compare the details, such as condition, updates that have been done, or whether the neighbors have pride of ownership.

The solution is simple: When you want accurate listing information, visit a local real estate website. When you want accurate home price estimates, call a local REALTOR®.

When you’re buying or selling here in Brantford or St, George, A Sutton REALTOR®, will be glad share their knowledge with you, so call any time.

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