When the Brantford home you’re selling is vacant…

If you’ve already relocated, or if you’ve inherited a house, or if you’re choosing to sell rather than find a new tenant for an investment property, your Brantford home may be vacant while being offered for sale.

While that does make it easier for agents to schedule showings, it also leaves you with some decisions to make.

First, depending upon the condition, you may choose to have some work done before putting it on the market. Consult with your agent to decide whether offering it as-is will be more cost-effective than spending the money for new flooring, paint, appliances – or even new windows or roofing.

Next, consider staging. In some cases, the cost of staging is far outweighed by the increase in the sales price and the decrease in time on the market. Again, gather some information before making the decision.

Now make some decisions about who will maintain the house. Even without traffic going in and out, it will get dusty, and there are always dead bugs to consider. If it’s a single family home on a lot, there’s also a lawn to maintain and/or paths to shovel.

Please do leave the lights and heat on! If the house is too hot or too cold, potential buyers won’t stay long enough to get a good look, let alone fall in love. And, if there are no lights the house will show poorly, and you’ll limit when it can be shown.

In cold climates, winterizing is a wise idea, even if heat is left on. No one needs the trouble and expense of dealing with broken water pipes and the damage that flooding can do. Remember that if the house is heated with fuel oil or propane, you’ll need keep-fill service and someone reliable to keep a path to the fuel tank open for deliveries.

Finally, do inform your insurance agent if the house is to be vacant. You’ll pay a slightly higher premium, but that’s far better than having coverage denied if something happens and you didn’t reveal the status.

If you’re thinking of listing a now-vacant home in Brantford, call a Sutton Team Realty Realtor. We’ll be glad to go over the numbers with you so you can make good decisions about repairs and staging. We can also give you the names of maintenance people who have served our clients well in the past.

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