When planning to buy or sell a Brantford or Paris home, be quiet!

Buying or selling a home is an emotional process. You’re apt to be excited, worried, happy, or discouraged, sometimes all in the same day.
That means you might want someone to talk to about those feelings. But do be careful!
It’s safe to tell everyone that you’re looking for a new home or that your current home is for sale, but if you want to share anything beyond those facts, talk only to close friends and family members who can be relied upon to keep your words confidential.
And… only talk to those people in the privacy of your homes.
Whether talking with friends or discussing the transaction with your agent, don’t talk (in person or on the phone) in a restaurant or coffee shop where you might be overheard by other patrons or the wait staff. The buyer’s (or seller’s) sister, brother, or cousin may be serving your meal or seated at the table next to you.
And whatever you do – don’t share with your friends on Facebook.
Remember that news travels fast, and anything you say can be relayed to the people on the other side of the transaction within a matter of hours.
With that in mind, if you’re the buyer you must never talk about how much you love a house you’re negotiating on. You must never tell how much you’re willing to pay. You must never share the reason for your urgency to come to agreement and get the transaction closed.
As a buyer, you’d also be wise to be quiet when you are touring homes. Some sellers have both cameras and sound recording set up in their homes, and they can hear every word you say both in the house and on the entrance porch or patio.
This surveillance equipment may or may not be legal, but some sellers aren’t concerned about that. They want to know what goes on in their house, and they want to know just how interested you are. They might not ever tell a soul that they heard you tell your spouse that you “Have to have this house.”
If you’re the seller, never discuss your bottom line price or any of the concessions you’re willing to give. Never reveal how important it is to you to get the sale closed by a certain date.
Buyers and sellers should not be adversaries, but until the day comes that homes are priced like a gallon of gasoline – with a “take it or leave it” price tag – buying a home will be a bit like playing poker. When you’re negotiating,  it isn’t wise to show your cards to others at the table.
When you’re buying or selling a home here in Brantford, Paris or anywhere else, be safe. Be quiet.


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