What You Should Look for When Buying a Brantford Home this Winter


Buying a home in the cold winter months can be a difficult process. These tips will help you think about what to look for

  1. Don’t let the cold & snow deter you from looking at the outside Taking a good look at the outside to the home is very important. If the snow hasn’t been cleared from the patios and paths, take a moment to clear a bit yourself. Snow can hide a grassless yard, a very cracked patio or sidewalk.
  2. Don’t let the holiday decor distract you As beautiful and sparkly as it is, make sure you aren’t focusing on the decorations instead of things like the walls and floors. Music playing could distract you from creaky floorboards or stairs.
  3. Feel for drafts– Remove your coats and sweaters inside. Walk around in a light sweater or t-shirt so you can feel for drafts or cold areas of the home. There may be some trouble with insulation. 
  4. Look for signs of critters-Winter is the best time of year to search for unwanted animals and creatures in the home. Raccoons squirrels and chipmunks move indoors in the winter for warmth. Look for signs inside and out and listen for scratching inside the walls.
  5. Ask Your Sutton Representative if you have any concerns – Your Realtor is trained to spot out anything that may be disconcerting in a home that their clients may purchase. If you have any concerns or questions ask them! If they aren’t sure, they will know who and what to ask a professional! 

These tips will help you make a sound decision if you plan on buying a home in the winter! Call us here at Sutton with any questions! 

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