What Do You Think When You Hear “Condominium”?

When you hear someone say Condominium you probably start thinking about a big unfriendly apartment like structure, no grass, parking lots all around… maybe something like the picture below?


But, did you know the picture below can also be a condominum?


And did you know Brantford has a few of these gems?

Condominiums can also come in town house style and detached townhouse style. They can have back and front yards, porches, and private driveways. They can be very similar to a Freehold property.
Most of these types of Condos in Brantford have private roads, so the only cars going down these roads are people who live there or visitors of those people.

If apartment style living doesn’t appeal to you but condo living does, give us a call. We can let you know what’s available in the area
The only difference is the common elements fee that covers your snow removal and other shared area’s care.


To Learn More about Ontario Condos Visit: The Condo Authority Ontario Website  

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