Tile Day – February 23

Tiles! Tiles are a great way to make your home look beautiful and classy! Whether on the floor, as a back splash in your kitchen or bathroom, even as a decorative wall! With so many styles and designs to choose from, why wouldn’t you consider tile! 

Tiles have some disadvantages such as

  • Being cold and hard (dropping your phone can mean a death sentence)
  • If placed incorrectly they can crack
  • Aren’t ideal for upper floors because of the weight.

This does not at all mean they are a bad choice! 

The benefits of tiles are numerous and definitely make them worth consideration like the following

  • They’re durability is fantastic
  • Very low maintenance, easy to clean!
  • Water resistant so there is no worry of water soaking into your floors and causing damage 
  • Increases resale value

What’s the best room to put tiles in?

The Bathroom and Kitchen are the very best areas! Easy for cleaning and no worries about water damage!

So when you’re considering a new  flooring option or a new statement wall, Try Tile! 

Happy Tile Day 2020! 



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