The world’s worst landlord tales?

Every landlord has a favourite – or least favourite – horrible tenant story, but renters have some war stories of their own. These could quite possible be the worst landlord stories of all time.
Landlords always take a chance when renting out their units, but renters sometimes take the same chance. assembled a list of some of the worst culprits.
The landlord that may have inspired the next Van Gough

A Brooklyn-based landlord – who owned and operated three buildings – received 684 housing violations. The tenants, in a bid of solidarity and, indeed, creativity assembled an art show featuring photos of their squalid living conditions.
“Not even animals live like this. We live worse than pigs,” resident Sara Lopez told the Daily News.
The elitist landlord

It’s not uncommon for landlords to require solid credit history and income – after all, they want to ensure their tenants can meet their monthly rental payments. However, a landlord in San Fran took it one step further.
The landlord told his tenants they could only continue living in his building if they made at least $100,000 a year and had a 725 credit score.
Thankfully for the tenants, a local NBC station chased the landlord down. He quickly changed his tune.
“After reflection and guidance, I hereby rescind the April 25, 2014 correspondence to you. … The information contained was flawed,” the landlord eventually wrote in a follow-up note.
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