The Controversy Over Using Scent in Selling a Brantford Home

There is no doubt that we are affected by scent. Certain scents take us immediately back in time to places, situations, and people from our far distant past. They produce memories that could be wonderful – or memories we’d rather forget.

According to researchers, scents also evoke feelings and emotions even without powerful memories attached. For instance, citrus scent is believed to produce energy and uplift spirits, while the aroma of green tea helps to create harmony.

Scent appears to be so influential in determining consumer confidence and buying decisions that the ambient scent industry that has long served professional buildings and retail establishments is now being recommended for use in homes for sale.

The idea, of course, is that the right scent will immediately make a potential buyer feel at home and create a desire to own the house. It can even ease a buyer’s concern over the price of the house.

Some in that industry state that ambient scenting is the most powerful tool in a REALTOR’S® arsenal, and is a requirement for success. They caution, however, that adding scent is not a task for amateurs. Using the wrong scent, wrong combination of scents, or wrong amount of scent will only confuse the buyer. In other words, “You need a professional.”

Now let’s look at the other side of the question.

No one would argue that bad aromas will send most (city) homebuyers running back out the door. These include the scent of ripe garbage, dirty diapers, dirty cat litter boxes, unwashed laundry, and several other unpleasant things. For some the aroma of cigarette or cigar smoke will be an automatic “No.”

No amount of ambient scent or odor-killing sprays will take the place of cleaning.

And what about those potential buyers who suffer from allergies?

I know people with allergies who won’t walk into a house or a retail store if they catch a whiff of artificial scent. They say it’s simply not worth risking a bad headache or other allergic reaction.

Should you use natural scent to enhance your (city) home for sale?

Many agents recommend opening the windows and letting fresh air replace the stale air in your home. Others say baking cookies or boiling spices prior to showings is a good idea. Some believe the aroma of fresh brewed coffee says “Welcome – stay a while and look around.”

As a seller, you control this decision, so weigh it carefully.

As a buyer, it’s a good idea to be aware of the power of scent in your home buying decision. Do you love the house for its location, its floor plan, and its other features – or is the scent over-riding more practical considerations?

As your Brantford team of REALTORs®, We continue to believe that market knowledge, professionalism, and excellent customer service – not the use of scent – are the most powerful tools in my real estate arsenal.

Please call a Sutton Team Realty Realtor. We’ll be glad to guide you through the process.

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