Stage your Brantford home to appeal to the most likely buyer

As you prepare to list your Brantford home for sale, talk with your agent about who the most likely buyer will be.

While agents aren’t allowed to discriminate – even based on age or family make-up – potential buyers are likely to seek a home in a neighborhood filled with people much like themselves.

Neighborhoods with young families, for instance, appeal to couples with young families. They can envision their children having playmates and themselves having friends who share the same activities, hobbies, and concerns.

Some retirees (not all) may want to locate in a neighborhood filled with more mature residents. They’re also likely to be looking for a home with the master bedroom and laundry facilities on the main floor.

The size and floor plan of your home is another indication of your most likely buyer. If yours is a rambling 5 bedroom home, your buyer probably won’t be a young, single man.
If you have a two-story home with all the bedrooms on the second floor, your buyer will probably not be a retiree or a couple with a new infant.

If your agent also represents buyers, ask about your target group’s most-wanted features. Discuss what your most likely buyer will be looking for – and what will make them dismiss your house from consideration.

Once you and your agent have determined your most likely buyer and what they’ll be searching for, it’s time to meet with an experienced stager.

If yours is a neighborhood filled with young families, but your own children are grown and gone, your stager might suggest staging a now-empty bedroom as a nursery or child’s room. If your most likely buyer is a millennial, you’ll want to de-clutter intensively and remove that beautiful floral wallpaper in the master bedroom.

Why does staging matter?

Careful staging matters because it draws attention to the best features in your home and because it suggests the ways in which various rooms could be used. For instance, if you have an unused bedroom and plan to market to millennials, you might want to install exercise equipment to suggest using the room as a home gym.

If professionals are your target, you may want to stage an unused 4th bedroom as an office.

An experienced stager will work with you and your agent to emphasize the features and possible uses that those in your target market want most.

When you list your Brantford home with a Sutton Team Realty Realtor, We’ll help you determine your most likely buyer. Then We’ll be glad to furnish you with a list of expert stagers who will help you make your home appeal to those buyers.

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