Should you purchase coloured appliances for your Brantford kitchen?

News from the decorating world is that colored kitchen appliances are now “in.”
This isn’t the first time.

In the 1950s, Stratford Yellow, Sherwood Green, Turquoise Green, Cadet Blue, Woodtone Brown, Petal Pink, and Canary Yellow were introduced into our kitchens.
In the 60’s, Charcoal Gray and Coppertone were introduced. Charcoal Gray didn’t last long, but Coppertone and Turquoise were on the top of the list of favorite colors for appliances until the 1980s.

Poppy Red made a short appearance in the 70’s, but was soon replaced by the “New Naturals.” These were Harvest Wheat, Onyx Black, Coffee, Fresh Avocado, and Almond.

Whites returned in the 80’s and 90’s, making kitchens with colored appliances look old and dated.

Then came the 2000’s and a new color – or rather a new finish. Stainless steel became “the” finish to have.

Today, white, stainless steel, and black are the most popular kitchen choices. But will that last?

Now manufacturers are offering a nostalgic trip back in time, with a return to pink and turquoise, along with 3 different shades/intensities of red, plus bright yellow, navy blue, and purple. Stainless steel has also gotten a face lift. It is no longer only a silvery gray. Now it also comes in rose gold, copper, champagne, and matte black.

Another new trend, which most homeowners will appreciate, is smudge-free finishes. Who wouldn’t want an end to trying to keep fingerprints removed from glossy-finish appliances?

If you need new appliances, what should YOU do?

Should you stay safe and choose white, black, or stainless steel? Or should you indulge your love of color and go all out with a bright yellow or purple kitchen?

The answer lies in your preferences and your future plans. If you plan to sell, it might be best to stay safe. You may love bright purple, but the buyers coming through your house might take one look and run the other way.

Another option would be to stick with the basics for all but one stand-out piece. A bright red or yellow kitchen range might give your kitchen a lively energy, while a whole room full of that color might be overwhelming. Best of all, even if the color is outdated by the time you decide to sell your home, you (or a buyer) would have only one appliance to replace.

One caution: Decorators warn that there are various shades in every color, even black and white, so stick with one manufacturer if you want everything to match.

Are you searching for a kitchen here in Brantford to redecorate with new, bright colored appliances?

If so, you’ll need a house around it, and A Sutton Team Realty Realtor will be glad to help you find it.

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