Selling your home in Brantford? Think like a buyer

When you’re getting ready to sell your Brantford home, it’s time to step back and look at it with different eyes. Instead of glancing over all the things that are familiar to you, without taking in the details, stop and look with the critical eye of a buyer.

Start with space.

You can’t change the size of your rooms, but you can make them feel and look more spacious by removing all but the essential furnishings. This is true for the living room, bedrooms, office, and any specialty rooms you have.

Then look at the counter space. It’s time to clear it off, both in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Put away everything that’s been occupying space and replace it with one tasteful decorative piece – such as a vase of flowers.

Everyone wants and needs storage space, so go there next.

Take a critical look inside the cupboards and built-in drawers. If you’re like most of us, they contain things you never use, or at best use only for holiday dinners. So get out the boxes. Set up a box for things to be packed and moved to your new home, a box for donations, and a box for things that need to go in the trash.

You know about those things. Unless you spend all of your time keeping your house clean and neat, you’ll find interesting things in the kitchen – like a bent fork, a saucepan with a broken handle, and a grocery ad from last month. Your bathroom shelves may house jars whose contents have long since dried up, outdated over-the-counter medicines, and even lotions or shampoos that you simply don’t like.

In the bedrooms, purge the closets of all out-of-season clothing, items that no longer fit, and things you purchased two years ago and have never worn. Pack the out-of-season clothing and put the rest in your donation box. You won’t believe how good that will feel!

If you have built-in shelving anywhere in the house, minimize the contents.

It’s fine to have book shelves full, but shelves that hold photos and decorative odds and ends shouldn’t look like the shelves in a thrift store.

Speaking of photos – it’s time to put family photos and your trophies, awards, etc. in the packing boxes. You don’t want anything sitting out that will detract attention away from the house itself. It sounds strange, but some buyers will look at all the photos to see if they know anyone.

Garage space is important too…

So instead of stacking all of your packing boxes there, rent a storage unit. Then take everything out of the garage that isn’t needed from day to day. Think of seasonal toys and tools, extra tires for the car, boxes of holiday décor, and that motorbike you’re going to rebuild someday.

Once you’ve cleared the space, it’s time to fix and clean.

Again, view each room – and each space in each room – with the eyes of a critical buyer. If you were seeing these rooms in a house you were considering, would you be attracted or repelled?

Most of us live with a few things that need to be repaired. It might be something as small as a cracked switch plate or as large as a torn door screen. Either way, it’s time to make those repairs.

Then scrub everything from the floor to the ceiling. Remember the light fixtures and the top of fans. If you’re short, so you don’t see it all the time, remember to check the top of the refrigerator. Make sure your windows sparkle and let in plenty of light.

You may find that some rooms need a fresh coat of paint in order to look clean and inviting. If so, get them painted.

If you have drapes, they may need to go to the cleaners. Carpets may need to be professionally cleaned, and if you have pets, you might want to shampoo your upholstered furniture while you’re at it.

Don’t forget the bathroom. A dirty tub, shower enclosure, toilet, or vanity sink is a huge turn-off for buyers. If you use a shower curtain, now is the time to buy a new one.

When you’ve finished indoors, go out to the curb and look at your house and yard.

Will a buyer think it looks inviting? Or does it look like you need to get busy?

If you need help…

If you need help with cleaning, painting, moving heavy items, or taking care of yard work, give a Sutton Team Realty Realtor a call. We have a list of reputable people who would be glad to assist.

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