July 2016 Sales Leaders – Whoa! Its HOT

Another stellar month for Sutton – Team Realty Realtors selling Brantford and Brant County Real Estate like it was going out of style. Sure it’s a sellers market and some homes sell themselves; but there are a lot of properties out there that are not moving or no-one is able to make a deal come together…. To make a deal come together takes skill. At Sutton, we have skill, and we are always refining our skills, adapting to market flux and preparing for the future.  One thing is for certain we have many, MANY happy clients who are over the moon with the service and results they are receiving with our incredible Real Estate Sales Representatives and Brokers. Making deals happen and keeping them together is not easy. It takes dedication and positive motivation. It’s the biggest joy each month to see the results that this group of determined sales representatives achieve. In my opinion they are the most honest, ethical, smartest and hardest working Realtors in Brantford. The results are hard to dispute. When you are thinking of buying of selling your property use a realtor that is leading the crowd.



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