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How do specialists and brokers differ?

With the continuing importance of the real estate industry in the national and global economy, it is vital to understand how the various professionals in the sector operate. In an article published on its website, premier loan institution Dominion Lending Centres outlined the differences between mortgage specialists and brokers.

Mortgage specialists work directly with a lending institution and sell said organization’s loan products, helping clients consolidate their transactions and finances in the process. Often, it involves less paperwork to liaise with a specialist associated with an institution such as a bank, especially if the latter already has existing records of the client.

Meanwhile, mortgage brokers operate independently, and interact with multiple institutions. This grants them access to a wide range of rates and offers (whereas a specialist will have only their company’s products), allowing would-be buyers to contemplate multiple options. In addition, brokers take charge of their clients’ paperwork, providing the assurance of reliability that a broker’s licence would entail.

While both have clear advantages and limitations, it is crucial to note that specialists work only on certain hours set by their institutions, while brokers can be available as needed.


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