February 2017

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The month of love certainly kept cupid busy shooting arrows at sold signs. Kate Broddick shines once again with top sales and Christine Amodeo charges to 2nd place selling the most amazing new homes in Paris. Ashley Veldkamp does great work to clinch the respectful 3rd position. The top 3 have performers have quite a few Realtors nipping at their heels… its close, real close! All of the Realtors here at Sutton Team Realty are super stars! Real Estate sales is not an easy business but it looks that way on the outside. On the inside it’s a daily battle with many challenges and obstacles to overcome and a tremendous amount of hard work and responsibility goes into every deal. Our clients are smart. They’re discriminating. They have needs the size of the great outdoors. But we knew this going into this real estate sales business. That’s why each of us do what we do. We’re smart. We’re discriminating. We know the local real estate market. We can read the angles. We have agile minds and ability. 
Satchel Paige a great baseball pitcher said: “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” We don’t spend my time dwelling on the particulars of the competition. Nor do we care what the competition thinks. We look forward keeping our clients’ needs at our forefront using our best practices. The market is always changing and we love a challenge! Hire a Sutton Team Realty Realtor and experience confident and knowledgeable service catered to your needs.

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