Does your Resolution list look anything like this?

Buying a house can be confusing and time consuming! So if you’re planning to buy in the New Year, add these to your Resolution List!

  1. Save Money – With down payments and fees from Lawyers and taxes as well as moving expenses it’s a good idea to have a extra money set aside for these!
  2. Get Pre-Approved – Being Pre-Approved will halp make sure your Realtor will be looking in the correct price range for you!
  3. Choose a Realtor  – Don’t start looking on your own! You need an expert to bring you in the right direction! 
  4. Start Looking for your Home – Looking for the perfect home might not come easy but we do suggest not picking the first house that makes you say “I guess I could live here”
  5. Decorating! – Decorating and making your home yours is arguably the best part of having a new home!

What else is on your list?

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