December 2015 Sales Leaders

Its always a pleasure each month to recognize the outstanding achievements through hard work. At times I think I know who will win the month mid stream, someone usually kicks it up a notch and passes the leader. Competition is great and the spoils are for the winner and its amazing to see it unfold. Kate Broddick, Ryan Campbell, Andrew Evans, Rob Avery and Lori Hanna are the salespersons hitting the biggest numbers and out-selling their peers. But all Sutton Team Realty Realtors are Winners and are truly not just in my opinion but what I have heard a cut above all other Realtors in town just not because of their ability to see farther than the rest but of the simple ability to put the client first. Real Estate is a tough business but its tougher still to adapt and change because we are creatures of habit, a Sutton Team Agent has the ability to do whats others are afraid to do and win.


The Author Brantford Real Estate

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