December 2018 Leaderboard

Brantford’s BEST Realtors!

Its always a pleasure each month to recognize the outstanding achievements earned through hard work. At times We think we know who will win a rank but then BAM! A star kicks it up a notch and comes out on top! Competition is great and the spoils are for the winner! Kate Broddick, MJ Kaur, Rebecca Johnson, Andrew Evans, Lisa Sly, Nicole Slade, Kate McGinnis and Lori Hanna are the salespersons hitting the biggest numbers and out-selling their peers. All Sutton Team Realty REALTORS are stars and recognized in the community for their exceptional customer service and knowledge! Real Estate is a tough business! Its important to be able to adapt and change! Congratulations to all Sutton Team Realty REALTORS! You finished off the month…and year STRONG!

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