Christmas Décor and your Brantford Home for Sale

If you love Christmas and like to go all out with decorations, when your Brantford home is for sale you may want to tone it down.

Of course you want the house to feel cheerful and homey. But you also want potential home buyers to focus on the house, not the decorations.

This year, choose a tree that brings balance to the room and leaves space for people to move around. If any tree at all makes the room too crowded, remove a chair or a table – or both. Arrange the remaining furniture in a pleasing conversational grouping.

Add only your favorite items to the fireplace mantle or tables and shelves and leave the rest in the boxes to decorate next year’s home.

If you love the scent of evergreen but have a manufactured tree, opt for some evergreen branches in a floral arrangement or two. Remember that some people are allergic to air fresheners and scented candles. They won’t even come inside if they catch a whiff at the door.

If you want the house to smell “Christmassy,” try boiling some spices just prior to a scheduled showing.

Add a wreath to the front door, and perhaps a tasteful lighted reindeer or two to your front yard – but skip the big blow-up snowmen and Santas. They pull attention away from the house when they’re full of air – and look like you forgot to take out the trash when they’re deflated!

Lights along the eaves are beautiful – but a whole roof full of moving lights is just too much if you want those potential buyers to look at the house.

Don’t overdo in any room. Just because you love Santa and his reindeer doesn’t mean they should grace your shower curtain, your bath mat, and your bath towels.

Remember safety – for you and your visitors.
Pay attention to light cords that a visitor could trip over. Tuck them out of the way.
Some ornamental Christmas plants are poisonous – place them too high for a small child to reach.
Put your precious and fragile tree ornaments up high where curious children can’t grab them.
Ditto for décor that might be sitting on low tables – a curious child or a large purse could spell disaster.
Go ahead and put large packages under the tree, but keep those small expensive items in a locked cupboard or drawer. Bring them out when it’s time for gift-giving.
Your Mission: Make your Brantford home look warm, inviting, and easy to live in.

Give your visitors the feeling that THIS is where they want to spend the holidays in 2019.

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