Bringing children along on your Brantford or Brant County home tour – should you or shouldn’t you?

Although the subject has been debated and discussed among both parents and agents, there’s no concrete yes or no answer.

The real answer is that old standby: “It depends.”

It depends first upon your situation. If you’re moving to Brantford, Paris, St. George or anywhere in Brant County from some other area and don’t know a soul here, you’ll have no choice. If you have family here who would watch the kids, or if you live here and have a regular sitter, then it depends upon other factors.

It depends upon your children, their ages, and their temperaments. It depends upon the time of year – whether it’s too hot or too cold out. It depends upon whether you’re going to see two homes – or twelve.

Ask yourself these questions:
Will my child or children follow along with me, keeping their hands to themselves, and pay attention to what we’re seeing?
Will they be helpful – asking intelligent questions and commenting on things I might not notice?
Will my child enjoy going through homes?
Or –
Will they become bored, tired, and whiny within the first half hour?
Will they run off into other rooms (or outdoors), get into things, and make it necessary for someone to keep watch on them at all times?
If your child is a baby or young toddler, will you soon be worn out from carrying him or her while trying to pay attention to the homes you’re seeing? I’ve even seen 5 year old children insist on being carried once they got tired.

The bottom line: If your children accompany you as you search for a home, will you be able to give the home search your full attention – or not?

When you’re searching for a home in Brantford or Brant County, call a Sutton Team Realty Realtor. With children or without, We’ll be glad to guide you to the house that suits your budget and your lifestyle.

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