April Sales Leaders 2017

The Real Estate market Is sizzling and there are some great deals happening and not so great deals. That’s what makes a market. Not every property is equal and not every situation for buyer or seller is equal as well. Different people have different objectives and goals. Sales this April at Sutton Team Realty were STELLAR. We have some of the hottest Realtors working with our progressive office and they are cooking some healthy numbers. What makes a deal come together as a Michelin star chef puts together a masterpiece is not the direct result of some ‘secret sauce’, rather the main ingredient needed to make any real estate deal go down is just passion, a love for the business plus plain simple and juicy hard work topped off with a splash of individuality and a few sprinkles of panache. We have the talent that assembles a successful transaction from intention all the way past the moving date. Client satisfaction and integrity are paramount in any real estate transaction and that’s where we all win, client and realtor included. Everyone is a winner at Sutton Team Realty.

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