5 Best & 5 Worst Gifts for a New Homeowner

It can be hard to choose the perfect gift for new homeowners! You really don’t want to make the wrong decision that they have to end up returning. 

Here are the 5 best and 5 worst gifts for New Homeowners!  

5 Best Gifts 


Gift Cards & Certificates

Gift Cards to places like Home Depot, Walmart, Grocery Stores and HomeSense are great gifts. As well as Mobile food delivery websites and apps! Moving can be tough and you can make it easier with these! 



Most new homeowners may own some tools, but a phillips screwdriver and a mini hammer really won’t get them far when it comes to home repair. A full set of screwdrivers in different sizes and types, pliers and wrenches are some of the basics that can be very helpful! 


Serving Dishes

Chances are one of the first things new homeowners have purchased is dinnerware. Then when it comes to actually making dinner for company they’re serving out of their pots and pans. Some nice white dishes can go with anything! 


Personalized Items

Engraved keychains, embroidered throw pillows, a painting of their new home. The possibilities are endless! Anything that reminds them of this special time in their life forever can be a very special gift! 


Google Home or Amazon Alexa Devices

These devices aren’t too expensive and are great gifts! With so many extra add ons like light bulbs, smart plugs and switches they can add to the gift themselves! 

5 Worst Gifts 



Do not, and I repeat DO NOT get a new homeowner a pet. Too many gift pets are dropped off at shelters and abandoned. A Pet should be chosen by the owners and definitely not received at a busy time like the holidays.



Furniture is not the best idea for a new homeowner. They have their own plan about how they want their home to look and it’s possible the furniture you buy may not be the right style or size for their space. It’s best to steer away from furniture and steer towards a Leon’s gift card.


Art Work 

Another item that is best left to the homeowner to decide on. Pictures may not be the new homeowners cup of tea. Art work may be hard to return because of size and it’s easily damaged on transport. A gift card to HomeSense is the way to go when it comes to Art. 



This could go either way but just assume it won’t be well taken care of, not because of lack of love. Plants can be fickle and even the easiest of plants can be killed quickly without enough care. A busy time is not the time for a plant. 



Bedding might seem like a great idea. “It’s cold and this blanket is so warm!” Bedding can be a very personal preference. Some people find certain fabrics itchy and uncomfortable or have a very special type of pillow that they like to use. 


Gifting can be hard. Choosing from the heart or the gift card pile is a great way to go! 

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